Artist Statement


I would describe my work as essentially exploratory and improvisatory. The primary aim is to arrive at a convincing resolution of the various formal elements which contribute to the making of a piece of visual art.


For me, this means the final work must be independent of, not reliant upon, verbal explanation, reference to socio-political issues or other obvious visual associations with reality as we comprehend and experience it. I want any piece of my work simply to exist as an autonomous statement in visual art language. I prefer a viewer to make their own interpretation, or find their own associations, in a piece of my work.


The pictorial language I use is sourced in part from my observations of the natural world: its infinite array of patterns, markings, textures, colour, tone and light. In more recent work, I am conscious of trying to find pictorial equivalents for my growing awareness of the fragility of life, the constant shifting and changing of the conditions of life, both natural and human-mediated, and the impermanence of all human arrangements. With these concerns in mind, I do not work in a regular style, prefering to trust to experience and intuition to dictate the form of each painting and print.I do not give titles to individual pieces of work, as a a rule;  this is because to do so inevitably influences a viewer's response to the work. I believe the true value of any art form is embodied in the emotional and intellectual engagement an individual has with the art, rather than any superficial monetary value given it by the art market.